Why ‘Avatar’, Why not ‘Sultan’?

There’s a preexisting tendencies amongst Indian audiences that they are actually bounded to western films. During most of the times, they keep singing appraisals of Hollywood’s C-graded films and fail to recognize the prominence of our Tamil films that are 100times better than those English flicks.

Well, there’s something that can be connected with ‘Avatar’ and ‘Sultan – The Warrior’. It’s not about comparisons, but the kind of works involved in these films. It nearly took 14 years to complete James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, but there have been more criticisms for Soundarya Rajnikanth not completing her debut animation film ‘Sultan – The Warrior’. The film has been under cans for past 4 years and there’s no reason revealed about.

But there’s a report popping up that it’s justifying if the production works are delayed for the kind of backbreaking works involved in it. But that’s not true as the works were stalled nearly for a year due to Soundarya’s involvement in ‘Goa’ and other commitments.

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