Why ‘Ajith Kumar’ cannot be an ‘Aamir Khan’?

We’re not blaming the actors, but those flattering speeches rendered by their supporters. Most of the celebrities do have more problems patently because of media channels and those around them.

Recently during the audio launch of ‘ASAL’, Ajith Kumar was appraised as ‘MGR’ and ‘Aamir Khan’. Of course, Ajith Kumar has all the probabilities of becoming a great actor like MGR since he has good looks, challenging capability to take any risks and a wide knowledge towards other departments of film production.

But things cannot be agreed with Saran ennobling Ajith Kumar as ‘Aamir Khan of Kollywood’. Because the very next moment actor Ajith said, “A good film doesn’t need publicity”.

Can this be a right judgment? Definitely not! Being a universal superstar Aamir Khan needn’t promote his film even after 20days of film’s release. But the actor has been straining himself over this process of personally heading towards various parts of the nation and promoting the film individually.

And now Mr. Perfectionist is looked on flying with high colors as the film has fetched Rs 315Crores within 20 days.

In fact we agree, Hindi film industry is literally magniloquent with its vast expansion across the globe. But extending certain vitality to ‘promotional activities’ will make producers happier as they can be confident over making challenging scripts as well…

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