Who’s the winner at theatres of heavy rain?

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Heavy rains have really drenched the Tamil film industry in extreme desolation for filming of 40 projects called off. Not alone this factor, we had three medium budget films Mahesh Saranya Mattrum Palar, Ellam Avan Seyal and Poo hitting screens on the same Friday of November 28. But, apart from rain factor, none of them have really captured the interests of audiences except Ellam Avan Seyal. Kollywood Today brings you the analysis of audiences’ feedback over the first weekend results as they stepped out of theaters watching this film and we’ve rated them.

1. Ellam Avan Seyal – Produced by RK and featuring himself in lead, Shaji Kailash presents an excellent thriller that is quite entertaining too.

Audiences Feedback – Good, something rare seen in Tamil Cinema…

2. Poo – The film is a great attempt for Moser Baer and Director Sasi. But, it’s a favorite for very rare audiences while B and C centres regret watching it.

Audiences Feedback – Average… It’s an award film, for us boring to spend so much time…

3. Mahesh Saranya Mattrum Palar – Sure loser of box office… a good tale, but unimpressively presented with sluggish screenplay.

Audiences Feedback: Bad. Not worth Watching…

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