Who’s the best actor of Kollywood – 2008?

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It’s almost end of the year 2008 and a disappointing year for Tamil cinema for none of the film have really turned to be blockbusters. The expected films were turned into bonkers while few of the underrated ones picked up well at box office. In fact, the superstars, big directors and team with high budgets weren’t pleasing for audiences.

Kollywood Today offers an open opportunity for it viewers in choosing their favorite and best actors of 2008.

Actor Kamal Haasan – Dasavatharam and Kamal Haasan appearing in 10 avatars were really diminishing the flaws on the screen. Few may ask if the 10 roles were really necessary and others were quite excited about it. So, it was a mixed bag of appreciations for Kamal Haasan.

Actor Vijay – It was just a film this year with ‘Kuruvi’. The actor has excelled in his quotients of dance, humor, comedy, emotions and romance. So he’s been a perfect on commercial vistas.

Actor Ajith – He could maintain his standard of ‘Billa’ by gearing up with ‘Aegan’, a classy entertainer for all centres. Precisely, his dance and stunts were really extraordinary….

Actor Surya – A 30 yr old guy depicting himself from various age groups between 18-70yrs is something out of box. He has stridden with lots of potentials winning grand round of applause from all corners with ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’.

Actor Pasupathy – He’s off a versatile style just getting under the skin of every character he plays. Be it negative, a lead or a character role, Pasupathy does it with an ease and he is something rare of a style. His spellbinding performance in ‘Kuselan’ and a wonderful stroke with minimal prominence in ‘Raman Thediya Seedhai’… So, if every actor has got under spotlights with one film, he does it with his couple of flicks.

Well, here goes the list of best actors’ categories for 2008. The polls are open till the end of this year and you can vote your favorite ones. Kindly note it no such bad or abusive words should be used. And hurting anyone’s feeling or unwanted comments will be eliminated immediately. It’s an open interaction and everyone can brim with their decent approach making it a successful.

Very shortly, we would be getting the polls based on Year’s best film, best actresses, Music Directors, Cinematographers, Editors, Supporting actors and actress, new faces of the year.

Majority of votes would be calculated and termed as winners…. Remember! The best entries with good comments will be chosen and they have a surprise gifts awaited for them.

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