Where is my Kollywood Going?

One thing that disappoints us is none of the Tamil Films released during this year has made it big in the box-office. Be it the most expected movies or the flicks churned out by successful directors and producers, everyone has seemingly dashed our hopes. Be it Kuruvi, Bheema or any other movie that had hit the screens during this year, they had high expectations, but went down as a big flop down the line. Fine! That’s not the big issue for successes and failures doesn’t depend on the quality of the films, but it depends on the perception of audiences who decide in making films a big hit or a flop.

When glimpsing through the lines of films that was released during this year, around 90 of them had ‘A’ certificates. Recently, we had series of low budget films comprising of Adult themes. Pathu Pathu, Maanavan Ninaithal, Maanavan Maanavi, Suttapazham and other flicks: all of them had the uttermost contents of profanity, nudity, Vulgarity and Violence.

It is so pathetic to see that producers of these movies were once great personalities who churned out successful films with leading stars. These kind of underrated films are released in such kind of theatres where the owners have no idea of renovating or expanding its quality.

With such kind of movies making it big among the youngsters, distributors have decided to dub some of the films that has vulgarity. One of the best illustrations would be Malikka Sherawat and Rekha starrer ‘Malikka Kamini’ that is being dubbed into Tamil. We have this missy appearing in alluring costumes that will throw youngsters into deep erotic moods.

Well, for those who believe films are a source of business, they can carry on with this approach. But, with cinema being the most powerful and influential source among the masses, it would be far better if producers and filmmakers understand this and stride entertaining the audiences in a good manner.

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