What makes ‘Arjun’ so different?

In the past, Arjun has performed cop roles in so many films and sensibly, a person should’ve felt hackneyed with those acts. When he joined hands with director Kiccha for ‘Maasi’, the buzzes were again the same as before. But now, director Kiccha answers to the situation saying that it will be completely different from Arjun’s previous films. Adding more, he utters, “Arjun does a different cop role here as the protagonist will be utilizing whole lot of intellectual potentials to destroy the evil acts of baddies rather than simply beating them black and blue….”

The film’s shooting has been almost completed and will hit screens during March. Kiccha tots up that his previous ‘Thee’ has won him more reputation amongst police department and they have been congratulating him for enhancing the standard of cops.

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