We miss our immortal superstar

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He is a legend… He spelled each and every act with a brilliant stroke…. He was a great companion and friend of everyone.

And now he departs from this world, but will remain cherished in our hearts for ever.

The reigning actor Vishnuvardhan laid a great impact amongst the generations with his vigorous involvement in filmdom. From the time, he made his debut with ‘Sahasa Simha’; this wizard had yearned for more perfection.

The legendry is now 200-films old and still he had no rooms for pride.

A genuine person, an adorable father and lovable husband!!! What else? You can keep adding more synonyms for his love, affection for the people. Even in times of political crisis between the states, he maintained a cordial relationships our very own actors.

Even if we have hundreds and thousands of actors stepping into the film industry, he will ever remain on the heights of glory.

May his soul rest in peace.