‘We aren’t expecting Thoranai at any length’ – audiences burst out

Oops! It’s really disgusting to find that audiences’ tastes are vividly changing within fraction of moments. A Filmmaker may go for a stylish foreign cinema sort or a Pakka commercial film, but then audiences are so intellectual in expressing their verdict just with a glimpse trailers… During the first weekend of Sarvam’s show, trailers for ‘Thoranai’ were screened. Know what an audience in the front row said, “Please Vishal! Stop making silly commercial movies and you’re comedy sense is awkward…” This is clearly because of his non-comical sense in Malaikottai that seemed to be quite odd…

We aren’t able to figure out why Vishal is constantly glued to commercial cinemas. He can better quit acting and go for making films as he has good experiences working as assistant director.

Precisely, expectations are so low for the film ‘Thoranai’ and to promote the film much, the producers have taken IPL finales into consideration and postponed release to end of this month…

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