Vulgar comedian snatches the offer of Ganja Karuppu

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Ganja Karuppu is a comedian coming up in Tamil cinema with his talents. Ganja Karuppu has the habit of giving one portion of his salary for the education of the poor children. He says, “Brother I never even taken shelter for the rain in the school. So I want to build a school and educate poor children free of cost.” He was introduced by Bala in the film Pithamaghan.

After this he continued to act in Ram, Sandai Kozhi, Paruthiveeran and Nadodigal which were hit films. At this point he was signed for a film to be directed by Hari. Hari initially wanted to make the vulgar comedian who calls him as Chinna Kalaivanar to act in the comedy track. But seeing his high handedness he changed his mind. The vulgar comedian on getting the information that Ganja Karuppu was signed for the film phoned Hari and somehow managed to snatch the role of Ganja Karuppu.

Ganja Karuppu has been shaken by the act of the vulgar comedian. Ganja said,” Have I ever interfered in other people matter after taking their advance. But this fellow after hearing that I am being considered for the role has played this game. What can we say? Only Hari should say about this.” He phoned Hari and asked him about this matter. Hari in turn has told Ganja that he will give the opportunity in his next film definitely.

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