Vivek Oberoi to speak in Tamil

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When our own Tamil actors are going through aggressive phase of learning Hindi for their Bollywood venture, Hindi Film industry’s Vivek Oberoi is all set to astonish us with his excellent command over Tamil.

Yeah! The actor, who made great waves in Bollywood, will have a simultaneous release of his upcoming film ‘Prince’ in Hindi and Tamil on April 9. The film was supposed to hit screens on March 26 and due to VFX patch-up works has been postponed to this date. The highlighting feature about the film is that Vivek Oberoi himself dubs with his own voice in Tamil.

The film is about a deadly thief, who finds himself with a gunshot on his arm one fine day morning. He doesn’t remember anything and is already wanted by the cops and mafia as well. He’s on the run and doesn’t know where his last heist was committed and the location of his treasury. Everyday morning, a girl appears to him claiming to be his girlfriend and now he’s left only 5 days for his death and has to unravel the discombobulations.

Vivek Oberoi’s spokesperson Himalee Shah says that the actor feels Chennai to be his hometown as he has spent most of his childhood days herein this city. Of course, it’s not a difficult task for him to dub in Tamil as he can fluently speak it out.

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