Vivek dons the hero role

Vivek will be doing a lead role in a historical film titled Kodambakathil Parthasarathy. Inspite of his maiden venture as a hero — Solli Adippaen is still lying in the cans. SOLLI ADIPAEN is SAC. Ramki’s is the first film as director. Armed with the experience of having taken care of the artwork of over 20 films, this associate of S. A. Chandrashekaran takes off on his own with “Solli Adipaen.” Kodambakathil Parthasarathy is to hit the floors soon. It is directed by Hariharan.. Vivek asserts that he will continue to do comedy roles. His forthcoming film includes Vikram’s Kanthaswamy.

Vivek presence of mind on stage has always proved amazing. Little wonder then that he has graduated in Law, though he changed tack to step into tinsel town. You have seen him as a responsible comedian in many films where in his own style he tries to instill civic sense and social awareness in the viewer. And as he takes care of his comedy tracks, again his wit has been to the fore. The actor is an excellent mimic too Vivek inspirations 20on the international scene it is Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy and Norman Wisdom who are a major inspiration. As far as Tamil goes, Vivek feels the best of comedy was in the black and white era. M. R. Radha, T. S. Balaiah and Nagesh are among those whom he holds in high esteem. Highlighting day-to-day issues is a norm in Vivek’s comedy. And when he touches upon social causes M. R. Radha’s influence is only too evident.

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