Vishnuvardhan’s one page script for Ajith Kumar

Filmmaker Vishnuvardhan always means special to Ajith Kumar. In fact, he offered him a commendable break with uniquely fangled ‘Billa’ that was an exceptional hit. Of course, the media critics penned their verdicts as ‘Hollywood remake of Rajnikanth’s Billa). The film was a big blockbuster in box office and paved a great way for Ajith Kumar, who faced lukewarm responses with his previous films.

Now the latest buzz we hear is that Ajith Kumar has approached Vishnuvardhan for his next film. In acceptance of this invite, Vishnuvardhan completed one-page synopsis of his script and has presented it to Ajith, who’s found busy shooting for his upcoming flick ‘ASAL’ at France.

This has raised everyone’s expectations that Vishnuvardhan may direct Ajith Kumar’s 50th film. It’s worth mentioning that he was supposed to direct the present project of Ajith as well. But, producers of Sivaji Productions were quite shaken in perplexity as he demanded Rs.3.5Crore as his remuneration.

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