Vishal says that acting in Bala’s film is like studying in university

Vishal has donned the role of a cockeyed person in Bala’s Avan Ivan. Vishal while proudly speaking about this said,” Acting in Bala’s film is like studying in a University. I learnt a lot of things about his making style. I was also like an assistant director. It was a different kind of experience for me to do the role of a cockeyed person. When I did that role, I suffered from severe head ache. I think I am the only actor who has donned this role throughout the world. After Chellame, I have acted in the role which I was expecting for a long time. I think I will be entering the Guinness Book of Records. I have applied for it. After acting in this film, I am very scared about the audience because they will expect the same kind of acting in all my films.”

Vishal is now acting in a film directed by Prabhu Deva. This film is a remake of the Telugu film Sowryam.

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