Vishal Press News regarding the Irumbu Thirai Release

Irumbu Thirai Movie (4)

The entire crew of Irumbu Thirai was present this afternoon at Green Park Hotel thanking media and press for the great support rendered for the film.
“When editor Ruben referred PS Mithran for the script narration, I was quite reluctant as our previous script discussion for another project didn’t work out well. But when he came prepared with the ‘Irumbu Thirai’ script, it was so much fantastic and engrossing. Arya couldn’t take up the project on the spur of moment due to some reasons. But when PS Mithran suggested me ‘Action King Arjun’, I just had my few breathing skipped and told him approach Arjun sir by himself.  But sooner, I was so much excited to see that sir had given a nod to this script with some of additional inputs to his characterization… I’m so happy that Samantha broke the myth that actresses after marriages can still be at their best spell.”
Vishal continued to reveal about troublesome issues that happened a night before the release of Irumbu Thirai… “Few people in the industry had a thought that Irumbu Thirai release should be stalled at least for a day so that others could say, “When a film from TFPC president himself is not releasing, how will he take care of other producers?” The whole night till next day morning was a big learning experience to me about certain things in life. “My friend mortgaged his car on night before Irumbu Thirai release to help me financially. I must really thank my friends, especially producer SR Prabhu for being strong support. He happens to be the major reason behind the film’s release.”
“All throughout my career, I have preferred working with first time directors like Shankar and many top directors in Telugu and Tamil as well. This is a kind of selfishness as I would like to make use of the spark that is inside the debut filmmakers. Irumbu Thirai isn’t just a commercial success, but has a social message. The kind of detailing he has included in the script is really huge. One of the greatest things about PS Mithran is his listening ability. He never puts down any suggestions and makes sure that the team work is always there on top priority.”
“Till the last minute of release, the situation was so bleak for the release of Irumbu Thirai. But it was Vishal sir’s scrutinizing efforts that made the release happen or else it would have not seen the light through tunnel. The moment Action King Arjun sir accepted the film, it became a blockbuster. Cinematographer George C Williams and Editor Ruben are my pillars and they helped me a lot to make my dreams come true.”
“This is a real big success for the film, where we get to see the overall reviews are turning to be positive and so are the receptions of audience. When Mithran informed Vishal that I have been considered to write the dialogues, he immediately gave a nod.”

“The only reason behind the film’s success is Vishal Film Factory. None other than this production house would have made this project possible. Since, crucial portions of this film needed set works, we had to develop them and were surprised to see that Vishal instantly agreed to proceed spending huge budget without any hesitation. Cinematography by George C Williams and brilliance of filmmaker PS Mithran are the major contributions to the success of this film.”

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