Vishaka Singh starts to deal


Vishaka Singh made her debut in Kollywood with the movie Pidichirukku. Then she was not seen in Kollywood and flew to Bollywood. As she had done few movies, she was able to withstand some time over there. Then came the chance for Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya. Santhanam who was seriously in the lookout for a heroine, chose Vishaka Singh and he went to Mumbai and picked her up. In addition, to make her feel good even though she was doing a film with comedians, her salary was increased more than what she was getting that time in Bollywood.

Vishaka Singh had to pinch herself to make sure that she is getting such a welcome in Kollywood and readily agreed. With luck on her end, the film was a huge success and that pushed her in the lime light. Now directors of heavy budget films are chasing her for a schedule date. They also wanted her to be even more ‘generous’ than what she was in KLTA. Having said no in the start she has agreed to that saying, as the hem of my dress decreases, so will my salary should be increased. This deal being a good one for the filmmakers they are planning to bring her to Kollywood and make her a full time artist here.

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