Vinay to dub in his own voice

Must be Bhavana should have kindled Vinay dubbing with her horrendous voice. Well, Vinay has sweet voice to take on and so finally, he has decided to dub in his voice. With his charming looks, he got entitled as ‘Choco-chap’ in Unnale Unnale and now with his recent release ‘Jayam Kondan’, his profound insight of dedication to performance has been revealed. At present, busy shooting for the film Saran’s ‘Modhi Vilaiyaadu’ at Pondicherry Vinay has uttered that he would be dubbing with his own voice in the forthcoming flicks.

Soon after completing this film, he will join hands with Director Selvah for the remake of ‘Nootrukku Nooru’. The original version directed by K.Balachandar featured Jai Shankar in lead role with 5 heroines. Apart from these films, he has signed for one more film to be directed by ‘Jayam Kondan’ fame Kannan and Director Kathir.