Vikram to act in Mexican Film

Earlier Kandasamy was supposed to be shot in deep jungles of Kenya where none have canned any shots before. But recently occurred civil war has stopped the movie being to be shot there. Director Susi Ganeshan has his obvious next option to shoot the film in Mexico, where a hub of Hollywood films like Titanic, Desperado, Black Diamond and many were shot.

But the entire team of Kandasamy was enthralled by the red-carpet welcome laid by the Mexican Government permitting them to shoot the movie over there. And there was something special that had happened to them in the foreign land. More impressed by Vikram’s stupendous performance in the teaser of Kandasamy, he has been casted in a Mexican movie to be produced as a joint venture of Mexican Government- Kalaipuli S Dhanu and Susi Ganeshan.

A Mexican actress will be sharing her space on the screen starring opposite him in the female lead role…

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