Vikram Prabhu goes easy on action roles


Known for his family dramas and comedies, renowned director Ezhil’s next, Vellakkara Durai will be a full-fledged laugh riot with entertainment at its forefront, but is Vikram Prabhu the right choice?

“Lots of people questioned my choice to pick Vikram Prabhu for the lead role of Murugan in this rural comedy they were apprehensive if he would suit this comedy script, after a string of action roles.
But I followed my intuition, and was pleasantly surprised at his innate comic timing! He shall completely disprove his detractors,” smiles Ezhil.

Produced by Anbu Cheziyan, who’s known for distributing multilanguage films earlier, Vellakkara Durai is apparently a term used in villages to mock people who show off with their clothes or behavior!

“Vikram plays one such character in the film, a real estate businessman, who is entangled in a serious conflict with the heroine, Sri Divya. Their struggle to overcome it and unite in wedlock forms the crux of the tale,” the director adds.

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