Vikram aims for National Award

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For all the die hard fans of Vikram, here is yet another happy news following. Even before the release of the much awaited flick, “Raavanan” Vikram is hopeful of bagging the prestigious National Award once again for his phenomenal acting which is evident in the film.

Raavanan, which has Tamil actor Vikram in the lead role, is directed by Manirathnam and has been released simultaneously in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu languages today. Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Priyamani are also in the cast, which is an exception too.

Vikram, while speaking about acting in the film said, “I am really lucky to act in a Manirathnam’s film. This film has been produced in Tamil and Hindi languages. It was a great challenge for me to act in two different kinds of roles one for each version. Manirathnam, who had great confidence in my acting, made me act in both these roles.”

Vikram has donned a tough village guy in the Tamil version (Veera) and the police officer in Hindi version. The actor who admitted his low profile Hindi fluency was insisted by versatile director Manirathnam to dub in Hindi. “I will always act with the intention of satisfying my fans and audience and will be happy if I get the awards. But Manirathnam and technicians will get lot of awards” said the 44 year old actor.

On asking about his future Bollywood projects he said “I will definitely act in Hindi films but that depends on the scripts I get but, as always my top priority will remain Tamil”. The Anniyan star said he’s already getting lot of offers in Hindi.

On the whole Raavanan has simply added to the popularity of Vikram and has multiplied his image which was only restricted to Tamil flicks. Certainly all his fans welcome this but will always like to see him more such performances by him.

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