Vijayalakshmi dissatisfied with her mistakes

It seems to be an era of actors turning away from their mistakes and choosing the right path. Actor Narain cannot stop sharing his bitter experience with ‘Pookadai Ravi’ that stopped halfway on the filming process shattering down his career to a greater extent. Somehow, the actor has chosen a right film ‘Thambikkottai’ that seemingly has a good storyline.

Similarly, actress Vijayalakshmi has confessed for choosing wrong portrayals just as it happened in her previous release ‘Adhey Neram Adhey Nimidam’.

The film has fetched her worst feedbacks from all over the centres and lost her the gained reputation with previous films. Now, she is so sure that her upcoming film ‘Kattradhu Kalavu’ will win her more offers and laurels as well.

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