Vijayakanth follows K.V. Anand now

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Don’t presume this to be a happening project between these two personalities. Rather, we aren’t making any buzzes about such affairs. This is all about the level of connectivity the duo is sharing with their present projects. Aye! Recently, cinematographer-turned-filmmaker K.V. Anand confirmed that he’ll be shooting ‘Ko’ with major portions in China.

Similarly, Vijayakanth’s debut directorial ‘Virudhagiri’ will also be shot across the exotic locales of China. ‘Virudhagiri’ is loosely based on Hollywood thriller ‘Taken’ where an ex-Interpol officer and presently an official private security force is shocked to know his daughter is kidnapped. With his very own tactics, he sets out to save his daughter from the clutches of strangers…

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