Vijay Sethupathy Impressed Music Director GV Prakash


On Producing a Thala movie :
It’s my dream to produce Ajith in a movie. I want to make a contemporary, new-gen film with him in the lead. I would like to make a film that is completely different from what he has ever done. I hope it happens very soon.

What’s Saindhavi Fear ?
When I said I’m going to act, Saindhavi wasn’t for it. But eventually she understood. Her fears were about me dancing with and romancing other actresses. But there are going to be hundreds of techies watching us… All I’ll be concerned about is if I’m getting it right or not.

The right kind of music for Vijay and Ajith…
They both are mass heroes and to match that image or elevate it on screen is the biggest challenge. I believe, the music that comes from our subconscious mind, the moment we look at them on the big screen will be the right kind of music.
I’ve been blessed, for I had the opportunity to work with Rajini sir, Ajith and Vijay. I was booked for Ajith’s film, the next day the music of Veyil released.

Who among the current breed of actors impresses you?
My favorite among the current gen actors is Vijay Sethupathy. Though the offbeat genre fits well on him, he should not get stuck and get stereotyped and try different things. Vikram and Kamal are my all time favorites – the two actors who do not have any boundaries or limitations.

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