Vijay Helped an Actor Injured in Singam 2


Here is a story that’s currently going around in Kollywood, First off these reports are not being formulated to criticise Surya nor sing the praises of Vijay but its a just a story that’s very hot in Kollywood so here goes..

Actor Ranjan who has acted in several movies for Director Hari in an action sequence for Singam 2 suffered severe accident. Whilst shooting for a scene where the actor fights with Surya under the sea, he seems to have to lost control and fell on rock and suffered severe injuries. The actor was immediately admitted to the nearby hospital.
After the actor was admitted to the hospital, neither the crew nor the cast seem to have turned up to enquire the wellbeing of the actor. A Police inspector who was on duty during the movie shooting when Ranjan suffered the accident enquired about his well being and learnt that nobody had given the financial assistance to pay off the hospital bill, who then paid off the medical expenditures from his own pocket .
The Police Inspector then personally made it a point to meet Surya and Hari and explain the situation, however Actor Surya who visited Ranjan personally in the Hospital seems to have turned down the financial help and Director Hari seems to have replied that it was Ranjan’s carelessness that led to accident.
The Inspector kind of shocked by the director’s reply seems to have related the full story to actor Vijay who he met in the shooting of Jilla. According to reports Vijay had given him 40000 Rs and 2 Months provision through his assistant.

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