Vijay gets a music director for ‘Bodyguard’

It’s been all about guesses and guesses when Vijay announced his 51st project with Siddique, which happens to be a remake of Malayalam film ‘Bodyguard’. Earlier, buzzes were that Vijay is planning to rope in either Vijay Anthony or Mani Sharma as his music director.

But having gone so clichéd with these two music directors, he has opted for a new technician this time. It’s none other than Vidhyasagar, who’ll be striking chords for this untitled remake of Malayalam movie. Previously, the duo had joined hands together for a top-drawer ‘Thirumalai’ that had some best commendable numbers.

Let’s hope, Vijay and Vidhyasagar together will come up with more spellbinding tunes. But we must request Vijay not to go for the reproduced Telugu tracks as it doesn’t work the best for him.

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