Vijay becomes frightened and money-minded

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Actor Vijay seems to be drenched in hastiness of fetching more money as his market is slightly loosing out amongst trade areas. A good actor is the one, who doesn’t any projects before completing his present ones. But Vijay’s father S.A. Chandrasekar is so deliberate that his son may loose his market with so many flops in the row.

It was the main reason why he signed ‘Sura’ much prior to the completion of ‘Vettaikaran’. Though Sun Pictures have been persistently publicizing the film that it is a grand hit, in reality, the film is a real disaster. Now, with his ‘Sura’ still pending with so many schedules, the actor has cleverly signed two projects with Super Good Films and Aascar Ravichandran each.

Anyhow, few are interested in getting into politics are investing in other business with the aid of certain audiences who are ready to accept even the worst craps delivered by the actors.

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