Vijay, Anushka refused with VISA

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Actor Vijay had to complete shooting for his ‘Vettaikaran’ with a song that was slated to be canned across the exotic locations of Australia. But at the last moment, both Vijay and Anushka were refused with the VISA and the duo couldn’t make up for the foreign tour.

Now, the filmmaker Babu Sivan has decided to shoot the same song in Pune where Rajnikanth starrer ‘Sivaji’ title song ‘Balle Laka’ was shot.

Soon after the film’s shooting, Babu Sivan has planned to dub it in Telugu as well and that title is yet to be finalized. According to the sources, Vijay plays the role of auto drivers who strives to deliver the innocent peoples from the wedges of evil men in town.

The film will release after two weeks of Diwali…

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