Vijay and Prabu Deva again

Vijay and Prabu Deva again

Again Vijay and Indian Michael Jackson Prabu Deva has planned to do another film similar to Pokiri in Tamil, this time Vijay likely to act in his own script which will be narrated by Prabu Deva.

After Pokiri super hit, Vijay seems very happy about the overall performance of the film, when he was questioned about his futuristic plan with Prabu Deva he answered that, at present Prabu Deva has engaged in making of Shankar Dada Zindabad in telugu, then he plans to do another film in Bollywood. After completing this film me and Prabu Deva has planned to do film in Tamil. Chemistry, between Vijay & Prabu Deva worked well in Pokiri, lets hope another drastic hit from Vijay-Prabu Deva Alliance.

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