Veteran Bala Murali Krishna’s hatred for A.R. Rahman

Whatever he may be ennobled with; ‘Padma Vibhushan’, ‘Chevalier’? We accept Bala Murali Krishna is one of the best musical personalities from our Nation. Once when we were to interview him for the occasion of 75years of Tamil Cinema, he was so frustrated when we wanted him to speak about contemporary music directors, particularly about A.R. Rahman.

Want to know about what he said?

“I am not like these young musicians who are fetching one or two Filmfare or Local Awards. I am the only one who bagged three National Awards at the same time for Best Music Director, Vocalist and playback singing. Tell me any one such personality who would ever create history like this?”

Fine! we had no answers to say during that point of time, but then A.R. Rahman who remained silent with his devotion to work and God had the answers. It wasn’t just a National or State Government Awards. But the most dreamt honor for every Indian Cine-personality who have been striving to fetch it for past 80 years.

Not just one, he won 2 Oscars at the same time. Apart from this, he’s the first Indian to win Golden Globes, BAFTA and more.

So, he has simply implied that no matter who says anything. Hard work, Devotion to one’s work and God with good-heartedness would take to you great successes.

Of course, the same Bala Muralikrishna will felicitate A.R. Rahman on March 1 in the program hosted by Tamil Cine Musicians’ Union.

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