Vennila Kabadi Kulu opening today

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Possibly, it isn’t a grand release with many corporate companies forcibly getting their flicks released with more prints. ‘Vennila Kabadi Kulu’ opens all throughout Tamil with minimum prints. Here in Chennai, the film is getting released in Satyam Complex with 4 shows, Inox, Baby Albert, Bala Abhirami, Sangam, AVM Rajeshwari, MM Theatre, Mayajaal with 6 shows .

Susindhran handles story, screenplay, dialogues and direction where Vishnu and Saranya Mohan are on lead roles while Kishore performs a prominent character. Debutant Selvaganesh has scored music for the film. Like ‘Subramaniapuram’ that offered a new team of innovative youngsters, more expectations have been surmounted on this film’s unit. Already trailers have turned to be good ones on the screens.

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