Venkat Prabhu goes Hollywood style, but incomplete way

Venkat Prabhu has been openly accepting the fact that he has been copycatting the Hollywood movies for his remake. (He even received claps saying this during the 100th Day celebration of Saroja. Oh! What a shame). The filmmaker-actor has now started following the trends of Hollywood style. The filmmaker hadn’t even completed the script of ‘Mankatha’ and instantly released the teaser before a month.

It seems that Venkat Prabhu wanted to get ready with another teaser, which was strongly opposed by Ajith Kumar. He wanted Venkat Prabhu to complete the script works first and later go for other gimmicks.

It is Hollywood producers, who usually announce the film’s release date much prior to commencing the filming schedules. In fact, they strongly go by their words and make sure it’s released on the same date as announced before. But Venkat Prabhu has recently started working on ‘Mankatha’ and now itself is making sure that the film will be released a treat for Ajith Kumar’s fans on the occasion of his birthday, May 1st – 2011.

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