Velu Prabhakaran spells out his mind on ‘Kadhal Kadhai’

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Velu Prabhakaran who directed films like Naalaya Manithan, Asuran and Kaduval has now directed a film titled Kadhal Arangam. Since the film contains some nude scenes, the film was stuck in Censor Board. After a great struggle Velu Prabhakaran managed to get an A Certificate. The film Kadhal Arangam is now titled as Kadhal Kadhai. This film is to hit the screens shortly. Velu Prabhakaran while speaking to the media yesterday said,” When I was young I had a thought that love blossoms only once in lifetime. But I came to know that love has blossomed many times in the life of Poet Laureate Kannadasan who also once wrote that love blossoms once in one’s life. My love experiences forms the basis for my film. When I was studying in 10th Standard I fell in love with a girl who was studying with me. Her name was Anjali. I was thinking that she was the most beautiful girl in the whole universe. I thought I cannot live without her.

After three years I met a friend. He told me that Anjali got married. I thought love blossoms only once and my love was so divine. I started living in her memory. After 7 years I fell in love with an actress. She was living with another person at that time. But I kept on loving her fervently. I told her I want her. Than I got married to her but later on I found out that it was mere lust and I did not love her. I came to realize that I was fond of her flesh. So I wanted to bring out to the world that anatomy is an ordinary thing. This I have conveyed in my film Kadhal Kadhai. There are some nude scenes in this film. I have also shown a child birth. I am compelled to tell what this society has taught me.”

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