Varalakshmi out from ‘Poda Podi’

Actress Varalakshmi hadn’t made any appearances on the screens and yet made it a grand show with ‘Mamma Mia’. The recent stage show based on the dance of Mamma Mia on Abba Songs received good appreciations all over the city. More than all both Sarath Kumar and his wife Radhika dancing on the stage had really sent the audiences to be filled with more applause.

On this occasion there was something more interesting and yet quite appalling. Varalakshmi has been in deep confusion about pairing up with Simbhu right from a very long period of time. But now the actress has shifted her plans about making it big with Mamma Mia tour all over the World. Patently, the actress has now dropped her plans about pairing up with Simbhu and the young lad is confused about it now.

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