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It’s quite a rarity to understand the essence of a song with its title. But when it happens, it could be probably in a blue moon time. Look into the words ‘Kannanin Leelai’ (Lord Krishna’s play) and you’ll find a universal significance of non-dualities. The song released yesterday has not just got the red carpets spread out by the music lovers, but even the ones who aren’t well versed with genres. Of course, the man behind this irregularly phenomenal song is Sam CS. His vast enthusiasms for exploring new panoramas have found its perfect touch in here.
Playback singer Swagatha S Krishna has nailed the song with an impeccable stroke. Much adhered to the effluent praises that has been showered on her, she gives a breakdown of what this song is actually all about.
“There happens to a scene, where an encounter is planned on a ruthless gangster. The scene was conceptualized with a unique concept of emotions that flashes up around the gangster (played by Guru Somasundaram),” says Swagatha S Krishna, who unveils an exciting fact about the song. “It’s a song that belongs to genre Carnatic Dubstep based on TRAP, a new of its kind in our Indian music industry. Sam CS was particular about setting this song under ‘RAGA DHARMAVATHI’ as it signifies mixed emotions of Love, Cruelty and Fear. The lyrical lines taken from Keerathanai written by Ambujam Krishna in the song actually comprises of hidden meanings of the film’s premise.
Sam CS always exhibits his fervent devotion towards BGMs and RR. He admits that composing RR for ‘Vanjagar Ulagam’ happens to be one of the best moments in his musical career. Thanks to the entire team of actors and technicians for crafting every frame with excellent performances in their respective departments.
The critically acclaimed musician doesn’t confine himself to any limitations when it comes to this film, but has imparted musical works on different genres for every track. The theatrical trailer will have Jazz as the main concept, a Broadway musical style for a song, Dubstep and few more of this sort, which will be released shortly.
Vanjagar Ulagam isn’t going to be a routine so-called thriller, but a rare one that will definitely endow audiences of a never-seen-before experience… Manoj Beedha, a former associate of SP Jhananthan is directing this film and written screenplay along with Vinayak, who has penned the story as well. His narrative style will be one of the salient features out here. The film features debutant Cibi, Anisha Ambrose and Chandini Tamilarasan in lead roles with Guru Somasundaram appearing in an important role.
Mexican based Rodrigo Del Rio Herrera along with Saravanan Ramasamy is handling cinematography for the film. A Rajesh (Art), Stunner Sam (Stunt), Sync Cinema (Sound) and Anthony (Editing) are the others in the cast.  Manjula Beedha is producing this film under the banner Labyrinth Films.

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