Vallavanukku ‘House full’ um ayutham


Vallavanukku ‘House full’ um ayutham

‘House full’ is the word every one in the film industry would love to hear and PVP cinemas are hearing this a music following the success of ‘ Vallavanukku pullum ayutham’ . In the second week of its run Vallavanukku Pullum Aayyutham has been moved to the largest screen in Satyam complex—Satyam cinema from Santham which is relatively small. This was truly expected considering the sensation the movie had created in the box office.While this has been happening in Chennai , things are no different in the other major cities across the State. The presence of The new star in the Horizon Santhanam , in their neighbor hood theaters has inspired the fans and the general audience alike and the net result is the pull of the audience to the theaters and the filling of the cash box.

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