Vairamuthu inspired by Alexander the Great

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Metu Podu was a programme featuring Vairamuthu’s songs. S P B Balasubramaniam and Chitra crooned the songs in this function. Vairamuthu narrated some interesting incidents which took place in his career. One such incident was about penning the lyric for the film Muthu. He said,” Rajnikanth and me used to discus lot of matters including religion and politics.

Once we discussed about Alexander the great. Alexander conquered the whole world but he told his assistant that to keep his both hands out of the coffin box when he dies. This is to show people that he is not taking anything with him when he is dead. Based on this I wrote the lyric for Muthu. The song was Oruvan Oruvan Mudalali (each one is a boss). I have written one line which goes like this Mannin Meedhu Manidhanukasai Manidhan Meedhu Mannukasai (Man is fond of soil but soil is also found of man)

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