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Vaigai – An appealing love tale based on true incidents

‘Incisively, I have emblazoned the real life incidents into the celluloid with more manifestation’ says filmmaker Sundarapandi elatedly about his forthcoming directorial ‘Vaigai’. The film’s theme of romantic poignancy is much revealing with the title’s tagline that states ‘Kadhaloom Kadhalai Saarndha Idamum’ (Love and it’s touching ambience). Director Sundarapandi adds that much relevantly the film is sure to bind the audiences’ feeling of poetic romance.

When it comes to tinsel town, things are quite clichéd as many films are said to be based on real life incidents. To be an unparalleled attempt, Director Sundarapandi says, ‘usually, the characterizations are caricatured based on the real life individuals involved in it… But over here in ‘Vaigai’, it’s more on contrastive grounds as I have presented the real life characters themselves on enacting to the related incidents on the screens with the backdrops of same locations ’… Naturally, it’s a prodigious attempt endeavored by this auteur.

To a greater excitement, the real life young lad and missy whom have inspired for this flick will appear in the climax portion.

‘Vaigai is a fantabulous tale of romance and I would love to dedicate this film to the real life pair’

Remixing Maestro Ilayaraja’s song ‘Aayiram Thamarai’ from ‘Alaigal Oyvadhillai’ has been a tremendous heart-binding evergreen song that has been transfixing the heeders and would continue to transfix everyone.

Director Sundarapandi appositely tots up, ‘For the hardest part, none of the crème de la crème instruments and musicians would give a best version for this song. Of course, we’ve got to accept it and thusly the song has been utilized sans a single modification. Fine! This could be our earnest means of expressing our gratitude of honor for the living legend’

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