Vadivelu replaces Vivek in Kandasamy

It’s been a long time tiff between Vivek and Vadivelu, these comedy actors hailing from Madurai… Vadivelu had made stupendous magical spells with Sundar C and Suraaj in various projects got entangled with his career as the actor had some problems with these filmmakers. Gradually, Vivek is their only option now and both the directors have been using him invariably in all their films. But now, it’s the turn of Vadivelu to revert Vivek. Earlier, it was Vivek roped in for adding humor to Susi Ganesh’s ‘Kandasamy’ starring Vikram in lead role. Now, Vadivelu replaces him for this film and sources have revealed that their combo would be one of the highlighting factors.

Looks like the war between Vivek-Vadivelu is never ending in tinsel town.

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