Vaalu Movie undergoes title issue


In recent times, Tamil films appear to be suffering from troubles of titles and stories. Vijay’s Thuppaki has already faced problems from the producer of another film titled Kalla Thuppaki. This issue lasted for few months and finally got relief from the issue and the movie hit the screens.

Now it is Simbu’s Vaalu to face the same controversies regarding the title. For the past two days a paper AD of Akhil’s new film (Kaloori fame) is appearing and it has been titled as Vaalu. The film is being directed by Dhesika and Pranav Productions are producing it. Akhil’s Vaalu has music by Selvaganesh of Vennaila Kabadi Kuzhu fame and Saranya of ‘Peranmai’ fame plays the female lead.

With Simbu and his crew has already publicized their film as Vaalu, Akhil’s Vaalu has raised lot of buzz in trade circle. It remains to be seen as to who would ultimately get the title.

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