Urmila Mahanta gets busy in B-Town


Urmila Mahanta, who shot to fame post her performance in Balaji Sakthivel’s Vazhakku Enn 18/9, is in a happy phase. The actress is not only reprising her role as a maid servant in the film’s Bengali remake, but is also thrilled about the slew of Hindi films she’s working on. “I was happy when director Soumik Cheterjee asked me to reprise my role. I’ve already finished shooting for my character in the film. It felt nice to play the same role again; I already knew the character sketch and I could bring in more details to it. I might have to join the unit again to dub for my role. I’m from Assam, and I know Bengali well. So, I’m guessing it should be easy,” she smiles. Meanwhile, Urmila tells us she’s also shooting for a couple of projects in B-Town. “I’ve Ketan Mehta’s Manjhi, The Mountain Man, Suneel Kumar Reddy’s Rossgolla and Dilip K Mukhareiya’s Pareshanpur in my kitty. Each film belongs to a different genre, and my roles are totally different from each other,” she says. Quiz her what’s happening on Kollywood front and she says, “I’m listening to a couple of scripts in Tamil as well, and would love to do an intense film here again. I’ve learnt a lot from my first film here, and will sign only those films that give me scope to perform.”

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