Unknown Facts and Story about Endhiran

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Kollywood Today brings you the exclusive on the year’s biggest blockbuster ‘Endhiran’. The film’s storyline has been now revealed…

The film about a college professor as well scientist (Rajnikanth) who’s an expert in churning out more Robots… As the Government requests him to produce as many as possible for the good cause… At this point of time, Danny Denzongpa approaches Rajnikanth to produce a Robot that has more resistance towards strong blows and hits. In fact, Rajnikanth successfully endeavors through and the output is none other than ‘Rajnikanth’ himself.

Robotic Rajnikanth now sets out so romantically on Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, who’s a college student as well, ladylove of the scientist. As the Robot goes dashed down with the hopes when Ash runs away from its romantic torture, things are different now. The Robot turns wilder in nature and go more obedient to Baddie Danny’s instructions. How the scientist tames it down taking the villain into task forms crux of the story.

A stunning fight sequence between both Rajnikanth is extensively shot at Goa and Director Shankar says it would the biggest highlight of this film.

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