Unforeseen idea brimmed in ‘Thalaiezhuthu’

‘Producing films is the most speculative task across the globe’ says Producer Richard Raj who produces the film ‘Thalaiezhuthu’ as well dons the lead role. The film is produced by him under the banner of Jack Film Productions. Pooja Gandhi who had earlier donned heroine roles in ‘Kokki’ and ‘Thiruvannamalai’ takes on for the female lead. Ethiraj has handled story, screenplay, dialogues and direction for the film. Dominic Savio who has been working for Sun TV cranks the camera while Godwin has scored music. Priyan and Jagan have penned lyrics while Kadhal Kandhas and Vijay Siva Shankar have choreographed for the songs.

Getting on with the film, Richard says, ‘In our life, we get through various personalities who are physically challenged with hearing impairment, visually challenged and for few unable to express their words. Now, this would be getting their Brain Data through a software that will let us know what they are actually looking out for. I witnessed this in reality while I was owning a hotel in New Zealand. Everyday there was a person who used to visit my restaurant by his wheel chair. Another person used to accompany for feeding him as well getting us know what he actually needs. I used to leave out all my works and kept observing his gestures and activities for past couple of years. It was at that point of time, a new software technology of gaining Brain Data was introduced.

If they feel ‘Hungry’, the data would be displayed as ‘Haangary’ and so it’s easy to perceive what they are actually looking out for.

‘Thalaiezhuthu’ is a film based on such motif and would be a different film from those commercial cinemas made at this point of time’.

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