Tuscana and Kryptos becomes best in the world

Good news from Tuscana and Kryptos Restaurants. They have been ennobled as one among the best restaurants in Asia by prestigious Miele Guide Singapore. The news has arrived from Vipin Sachdev, Managing Director and Cheff Willi. Thanking everyone for making their endeavor successful, he says, “This would have been a dream unfulfilled for us without the earnest support and rapport from customers and the entire team that worked ardently at its best. We personally appreciate the warmth and friendship shown to us in all our ventures that we have had the privilege to develop and launch”.

It is worth mentioning that Mile Guide happens to be the best independent and authoritative restaurant guide. The team of juries doesn’t go for the blindfold methods to certify the restaurants, but it involves several methods (1) the quality of food served; (2) the ambience of the restaurant; and (3) the level of service offered. Most importantly, their judgment should reflect the tastes of Asian diners.

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