TULF President V.Anandasangaree rebukes Bharathiraja

TULF President V.Anandasangaree in a letter addressed to Tamil Film Director Bharathiraja , has publicly rebuked him for wrongly ‘proclaiming the LTTE leader Prabakaran as “Valliant leader of Tamils, the world over.”

Given below the full text of V. Anandasangaree letter addressed to Film Director Mr. Bharathiraja


Film Director Mr. Bharadhirajah,


25 October, 2008

Dear Sir,

A massive rally, organized by Tamil Film producers, directors, exhibitors and employees at Rameswaram recently presided over by you proclaimed the LTTE leader V. Prabaharan as the Valliant leader of Tamils the world over.

His acts of valor apart from many others, include, blowing to pieces a President and a Presidential Candidate and depriving another President of one of her eyes in an unsuccessful attempt to blow her up, taking away thousands of innocent lives in a series of bomb blasts claymore mine and land mine attacks in buses and trains, to mention just one incident in which a claymore mine, targeting a crowded bus, taking patients, school children and such others from a rural village to the Town, left sixty five men, women and children dead and a similar number injured, creating several thousands of widows, widowers and orphans apart from making thousands to lose their limbs and eye sights, sacrificing over 22000 Tamil youths at the battle front and as suicide bombers, some of whom were pregnant women, killing many academics, Principals of Schools, teachers, high ranking public servants in charge of District Administrations, eminent doctors, engineers, lawyers and respected Tamil leaders , leaders of Tamil political parties and other Tamil groups, with none in this category harmed by any Sinhalese.

The only one person who is responsible for these is the LTTE leader Mr.V. Prabaharan who is honored by you with the title of valiant leader of the Tamils. To add to his achievement he is responsible for driving out from the North all the Muslims who are Tamil speaking and living with Tamils for generation , with only Rs 500/= leaving behind all their belongings. He had ruined the education of our children. He had made almost all Tamils in the North and East paupers. The damage caused to properties amount to several billions. Above all he has destroyed our culture and civilization. This is the man whom the cinema world has proclaimed as the valiant leader of Tamils the world over.

My humble appeal to you Mr. Bharathirajah, Mr Seeman and other film producers, directors, exhibitors and employees who still claim Prbaharan as a valiant leader of Tamils all over the world, to leave us alone. They can take Mr. Prabaharan to Tamil Naad if Tamil Naad accepts his atrocious acts as heroic deeds. The best way of honoring him is to erect a statue near the Rajiv Gandhi memorial at Sri Peremputhur as a permanent monument. This will keep on reminding the present and all future generations of the cowardly acts of this valiant leader Prabaharan who reduced a magnificent personality very much loved by all Indians, to pulp shamefully with the assistance of a foolish women who took several innocent lives along with that of Shree Rajiv Gandhi’s and her’s.

It is Sri Lankan Tamils who are suffering, that too in the hands of the so called liberators the LTTE. If Tamil Naad refuses to see reason and continue to play to the gallery what can the Sri Lankan Tamils who suffered immensely under the iron clutches of LTTE, do. That is why I plead that if the Tamil Naad can’t liberate the Tamils from the LTTE, let them at-least by their activities not give the LTTE a new lease of life to enable them to continue with their atrocities. The charge that the Sinhala government is engaged in the annihilation of Tamils is a deliberate lie. Contrary to that it is the LTTE that is engaged in the annihilation of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

There is no doubt that the Tamil people are undergoing untold hardship due to the ongoing war but compared to the hardships they under went under the LTTE’s subjugation during the past quarter of a century, the present sufferings are nothing for them.

Contrary to what you want from the super star Rajanikanth he, should openly condemn the efforts of the members of the film industry as counter productive and instead request them to study the problems the Tamils are facing in Sri Lanka by sending a team of selected persons to visit Sri Lanka on a fact finding mission without acting blindly listening to one side only.

Mr. Seeman’s argument that because a Sikh assassinated Smt. Indira Gandhi a Sikh cannot be Prime Minister is ridiculous. This shows the high democratic norms India is committed to. Talking about Mahatma Gandhi’s assassins and saving Nalini, one of the assassins of Rajiv Gandhi, from the gallows are equally ridiculous.

I appeal to Tamil Naad leaders to find out the real situation without being mislead. I invite a representative group of Tamil Naad leaders to visit Sri Lanka on a fact finding mission and consult various opinion in Sri Lanka.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely

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