Trisha’s biggest comedy never-seen-before

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Actress Trisha has completed shooting for her present venture with Aarya for ‘Sarvam’ directed by Vishnuvardhan. According to script, Vishnuvardhan had designed her characterization as a medical college student who finally dies. However, as Trisha’s mom and close friends insisted that the climax should be changed, since Trisha’s fan didn’t accept her dying in the climax sequence of ‘Bheema’. Hahaha! Then what is she trying to convey? Was the film ‘Bheema’ flunked due to her culmination point in that flick? Some of the closer sources of ‘Sarvam’ have commented that Trisha’s statement is the biggest comedy of this year.

Well, to avoid confusions, Vishnuvardhan has shot two sequences of climax where she would be alive in one while the other one would have her drop dead.

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