Trisha prefers Love Marriage

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‘I will never marry the guy whom I mom suggests (so father?)’ says Trisha, who strongly clears the buzzes that she prefers love marriage and will surely fall in love with her dream guy. For sure, if some leading satellite channels have got to know it, they’ll beat the same bush just by hosting a reality show like ‘Raaki Ka Swayamvar’….

Please program producers don’t presume this to be a reality fact and get scolding from her mom after approaching for the show. She’s serious about falling in love with a person, but not by means of such publicity stunts.

Actress Trisha has been a real socialite of setting great inspiration of how independent and successful a young gal could be. Of course, she isn’t the hottest gal with bootylicious physique but possesses an enchanting charisma that makes her appealing towards the masses.

Good Luck Trisha, we pray God that he finds you a right partner.

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