Trisha goes missing in the cruise ship during the shooting

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Manmadha Ambu is a film which has Kamal Haasan and Trisha in the lead role. This film which is being produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin is directed by K S Ravi Kumar. The shooting of the film is taking place in a big cruise ship in mid sea in Italy. This cruise ship is a luxury one like Titanic. Thousands of people can travel at a time in this luxurious cruise. It is 18 storied. Lifts are used between these floors. A map was also given to the shooting crew so it can be helpful in case if they are lost. The shooting of the film took place in one floor and later on shifted to another floor.

When the crew was shifting to another floor, Trisha was missing. Trisha mother had also accompanied. She was shocked when she came to know that her daughter was missing. The whole crew was also startled. The security personnel started searching her. Finally she was spotted at a shopping centre and was retrieved. Her mother who returned to Chennai said, “This ship was a huge one like the Titanic. You will have to walk few kilometers from one end to another.

There will always crowd in the cruise. When the location was changed from one place to another during the shooting, Trisha and me got separated. Since the cell phone did not work in the ship I was not able to contact her. I was very much scared. The security personnel also could not locate her. The whole crew was shocked. Everybody was at peace when the security personnel located Trisha and handed over to us.”

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