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Srikrishna M. Subrahmanyam, a student of class XII from VidyaMandir Chennai, is passionate about music and tradition. He has learnt music from Brhaddhvani. He has given many performances and seminars on Carnatic Music. His 10 years of learning music has helped him develop a good understanding of Carnatic Music. He has come up with creative ways to popularize Carnatic music and has implemented a few of his ideas.

His experiment to render swaram to Gangnam drew attention and was invited to give a TEDx talk where amongst other topics, he talked about a few prejudices that need to be dealt with. He has hosted over twenty free format thematic concerts at his club. Unless reinvented and reinterpreted, he says that one will lose traditions to oblivion. He feels that just as the capital of Carnatic music shifted from Tanjore to “Madras”, unless Chennai is made to embrace Carnatic music, Chennai can easily lose its status to some other place.

This book titled “Traditions”, stemmed out of the opportunity that some of his prized possessions gave him. When his dad asked him the reason as to why despite his love of music, he does not have a picture of a musician next to his Sachin Tendulkar poster, he told him that it was because he could not find any good pictures of Carnatic musicians. His father introduced him to his artist friend Mr. A.P.Shreethar and from thereSrikrishna’s journey began. He realized that there was more to musicians than music and in the journey discovered many a great stories. Some of these stories transformed into great paintings. Through this book he wanted to share his possessions with all. The challenge was to make the book attractive, and crisp so that youngsters would like to read it cover to cover and will keep a copy of it with them. The book has lived up to the challenge. It is attractive, colorful, full of anecdotes, easy to read, sharp and every chapter leaves one aspiring to cultivate a desirable personality trait.

The book was released on June 8th by Smt. BhavaniRaghunandan, Principal, Vidyamandir, Mylapore. PadmashriVikkuVinayakram graciously accepted the book in presence of Mrs. SowmiyaMuralidharan – Srikrishna’s teacher. ShriVinayakram gave a short performance on the ghatam at the function.

These 10 paintings of the greats by Mr. A. P. Shreethar’sare on display at the Art Houz.

Srikrishna’stedx talk can be found at×5

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