Top 5 Songs of the Week – Mar 07 2008

The movie “Bheema” has disappeared from theatres, but its songs are still playing in all the radio stations.

The top five Tamil albums are:

1. “Bheema” – Music Director: With none of the albums making it a hit this year, Bheema tops the chart. The song “Mudhal mazhai” by Prasanna, Hariharan and Mahati is the main highlight of album…

2. “Billa” – Music Director: Trio-combo still makes it happening in the box-office. Yuvan Shankar Raja has Bill has his only consolation for the last year. Though the film has moved out of theatres, the songs are still striking and especially the remix song “My Name is Billa” continues to be a rage.

3. “Anjathe” – Music Director: Sundar Babu. There is no “Vaazha meenukkum” in this film, but the album is picking up. Well, in this film couple of songs have been rocking the market: ‘Kannadasan Karaikudi’ and ‘Kannalae Kannalae’.

4. “Kaalai” – Music Director: G.V. Prakash. “Kaala kaala” sung by actress Mamta Mohandas and Benny has proven especially catchy. Despites, the film turning out into a great flop, couple of songs tuned by G.V.Prakash make the album highlighted.

5. “Polladhavan” – Music Director: Yogi B. Although people have forgotten the film, the remix “Engeyum Eppothum” is still doing the rounds. Again its G V Prakash who does score different tunes for each song.

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