Top 5 Movies of the Week – May 11 2008

1. Kuruvi – Never mind if the film is just entertaining you, but the box-office collections are quite for the first week. When it comes to fulfilling our expectations, it’s a great disappointment from the entire team.

2. Arasangam – Captain Vijayakanth has carefully chosen the script that will elevate his standard in Kollywood. Arasangam is a great and stunning surprise for all who wouldn’t have ever though that this film will do good when it comes as a whole for screening.

3. Santhosh Subramaniam – Not even a small change has Raja done when remaking this movie from Telugu movie titled Bommarillu. Prakash Raj and Genelia have done their roles as directed and Jayam Ravi compared to his previous films has performed great.

4. Yaaradi Nee Mohini – Another remake perhaps within the home banner. Selvaraghavan directed the Telugu version Aadavari Maathladu Arthalae Vaeru and letting his assistant Jawahar direct the remake.

5. Arai En 305il Kadavul – Good dialogues blended with a good message in jocular manner is all that it makes Arai En look good. Again comes Prakash Raj, who astounds everyone with an apt look like God: be it the way he impresses with his eyes and uttering dialogues.

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