Top 5 Movies of the Week – Mar 11 2008

1. Anjathey: Directed by Mysskin, the film witnesses grand success after slow-pick up. Presented with a different genre, the flick gets you glued to the screen for the entire 200mins. Mind blowing performance by Prasanna, debutant Ajmal and Narain steals the show.

2. Saadhu Miranda: An entertainment blended with suspense-thriller-comedy makes sticks you to the seats. A best movie you can enjoy watching right from the beginning till the end credits. Director Siddique stays away a bit from the themes of his previous films Friends and Engal Annna.

3. No movies: —– No movies

4. Vellithirai: Duet Movies came up the same expectations of Mozhi and their hopes are dashed. By remaking, Director Viji has spoiled the beauty of original version and Prakash Raj with a negative shade turns to be a great disappointment for all his fans. Its only the dialogues that are highlighting in the movie.

5. Akku: Vividly influenced by Hollywood genres like Cellular and Phone Booth, here comes Akku a movie just for 90mins. The main concept of the film looks good, but the worst quality happens to be the negative trait.

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